Schedule a consultation session with TITUS

We offer one-off preliminary legal advice to any business entities and individuals which schedule a consultation session with us as to their legal position in respect of their circumstances prior to determining a desired course of action and formally engaging our firm for further legal services.

Please click “Schedule Consultation” on this page to schedule a consultation session with TITUS. Available timeslots would be indicated in the calendar as displayed.

Prior to the consultation session, our lawyers will request context and background information in respect of the relevant circumstances and/or events. Our lawyers will then set out to highlight the legal issues pertaining to the problem such that clients are able to understand the nature of their existing problem from the legal point of view, a direction to their rights and obligations under the existing position of the law and the potential available legal solutions to their problem.


For further details of each of our practice areas, please select and click the relevant practice area hereinabove to visit the respective page under this website.

Please refer to the following notes in respect of the consultation sessions:
1. each consultation session is offered on a per hour basis and incurs a fee of HK$2,000, we will only accept and proceed with the consultation session upon payment being received prior to the consultation session;

2. the consultation session aims to provide preliminary legal advice and direction to clients and any legal advice provided during the consultation session does not constitute full legal analysis on all relevant issues;

3. all legal advice is provided on the basis that all information and details represented to our lawyers during the consultation session are accurate and complete;

4. all legal advice provided during the consultation session by our lawyers is on a one-off basis and, subject to further engagement of our firm’s services, our consultation services do not include any follow up service(s) or representation(s) to our clients; and

5. all legal advice is provided based on Hong Kong law and our lawyers are not required to provide any legal advice other than Hong Kong law and any financial advices.